New National Restrictions from 5 November

Dear All Worshippers,

The Prime Minister on Saturday evening (31st October, 20) announced the new COVID-19 restrictions for England in response to the rising rates of COVID-19. These restrictions will come into force from this coming Thursday 05th November and will last until Wednesday 02nd December.

From the above mentioned dates the masjid will be officially CLOSED for all congregational prayers incld Jummah and 5 daily Salaah, until further notice.

We request all the worshippers to comply with these new restrictions and help control the spread of the virus. To follow the complete government guidance, please visit –

We, the Management Committee, wanted to express our sincere gratitude for the way in which all our worshippers have complied by registering with the WCM NHS Track and Trace.

May Allah have mercy on all of us and protect the whole Ummah against this deadly virus.

Kind Regards,
Management Committee
Wembley Central Masjid

WCM Prayers time

Dear worshippers,

Alhamdulillah Wembley Central Masjid is open for 5 daily and Jummuah salaahs

Please register yourself for Wembley Masjid’s NHS Track and Trace using below link if you wish to attend Wembley Central Masjid for daily prayers.

Please check website prayer time section for daily prayer times

If for any reason you are unable to register online then please collect the forms from the masjid gate during salah times only. Fill in the forms and submit it back to one of the Committees members.

Wembley Masjid’s NHS Track and Trace

Dear worshippers,

Please register yourself for Wembley Masjid’s NHS Track and Trace using below link if you wish to attend Wembley Central Masjid for daily prayers.

If for any reason you are unable to register online then please collect the forms from the masjid gate during salah times only. Fill in the forms and submit it back to one of the Committees members.

Registration Form

Management Committee and volunteer are more than happy to help and guide you filling in the form for registration if needed.

Please see below new guidelines & information for attending the Wembley Masjid:

MEDICAL CONDITION: If you have any symptoms of Covid-19, please do not attend the Masjid. Be aware there will be a temperature check and do not be offended if you are turned away if you are above the temperature guide

AGES: Anyone under the age of 15 and over the age of 65 are not allowed to visit WCM premises until further notice. It is for their own safety.

LIMITED PLACES: While there is still a risk of Covid-19, the capacity of the Masjid has been greatly reduced in order to facilitate social distancing and to adopt best practises to help keep the attendees of the Masjid safe.

FIRST COME FIRST SERVE: VISITOR PASS doesn’t guarantee a confirmed place for the Salah. Those that come first shall enter first. If the mosque reaches its maximum capacity you will NOT be allowed to enter. There shall be NO relaxing of this rule. Please respect this!

ARRIVE ON TIME: Doors will be open 15 minutes before each prayer and shall close promptly 15 minutes after each prayer.

ONE WAY: You can only enter the Mosque via the Ealing Road entrance. All other entry points will be locked off. Please follow the signs and listen to the volunteers upon entering and leaving.

WUDHU & TOILET FACILITIES: Wudhu & Toilets facilities are suspended, please perform your “wudhu” at home before making your journey towards Wembley Masjid.

BRING YOUR OWN: Please bring your own MASK, PRAYER MATS and SHOE-BAGS!

BE SAFE: Use sanitizer on entry and exit, maintain social distancing and always keep a 2m distance between yourself and others. Avoid physical contact such as touching surfaces, shaking hands and hugging other worshippers. Suffice with the sunnah greeting of As salaamu alaykum.

COOPERATE WITH VOLUNTEERS: Follow instructions given by appointed volunteers and comply with them at all times. They are appointed to insure the safety of our worshippers. Your cooperation can make their job easy.

FRIDAY PRAYERS: Wembley Central Masjid is not offering Friday Prayers as of yet. However, we will shortly start it once appropriate arrangements are made.

DAILY PRAYERS: Wembley Central Masjid is open only for Zuhr, Asr and Maghrib salah until further notice.

Zuhr – 2pm
Asr – 7.30pm
Maghrib – Sunset time
Isha – 10.30pm

NO GATHERING OUTSIDE: Everyone attending WCM are strictly instructed not to gather inside or outside of the Masjid. Leave straight away after the congregational Salaah as instructed. Please offer your optional prayers at home.

If you do not follow the above mentioned guidelines, we reserve the right to revoke your VISITOR’S PERMISSION AND REFUSE THE ENTRY WITHIN WCM PREMISES.

And lastly but most importantly, please continue praying to Allah for granting us ease in this situation.

Jazakumullahu khayran.

Membership renewal


The management Committee at the Wembley central masjid would like to inform all our worshipers that should you wish to become an official member of the masjid, the membership forms are available for collection from the masjid office every Sunday between 7:30 pm – 9:00 pm.

Eligibility criteria for the membership:

1) Photo ID- Valid Passport or Driving License
2) Proof of address (Less than 3 months old) – Bank statement, Utility bill or Council Tax
3) Membership fee – £20, at first application and then annually subscribed should anyone wish to stay as a member
4) Code of conduct – Any person applying for membership should abide by the masjid code of conduct at all times

Note – We will accept only original ID and documents in person when applying for membership. If the above requirements are not met, the management committee fully reserves the right to reject any application at their discretion.

Should anyone interested in applying for membership have any questions or queries, please do get in touch with us at

Yours sincerely,
The Management Committee
Wembley Central Masjid


Thursday 19 March 2020

Assalamualaikum Brothers and sisters,

Given the latest rulings (fatwa’s) from many reputable scholars, several Shari’ah Boards, as well as the latest UK governmental guidance, Wembley Central Masjid Management Trustees have taken the decision to suspend all congregational services and activities. This is a decision that was not taken lightly and has been done to prevent the further spread of the virus in our mosque and the UK at large, with the foremost being the protection of the elderly and vulnerable amongst our communities.

This means:

*- No congregational daily prayers
*- No Jumm’ah (Friday) prayer
*- No social gatherings
*- No madrasah, classes & activities

We will continue consulting experts, our Imams and scholars with regards to when we resume operations and will review the situation on a daily basis.

May Allah guide us all and unite us as one Ummah ! Ameen

JazakAllahu Khairan

Wembley Central Masjid Management

Public Notice

Assalamualaikum Warahmatullah Wabarakatuh

We regret to inform you that we had to close the Masjid due to the incident that took place in the Masjid on 1st January & 21st January. A group of people broke into the office, stole and damaged our CCTV systems. A criminal investigation is ongoing regarding this incident.

The Management Trustees were hoping to reopen the Masjid by today Friday 24th January but it has been delayed as the repairs are going to take longer than anticipated.

It is our responsibility to safeguard our Madrasah children, Teachers, staff and all attending the Wembley Central Masjid. Keeping this in mind we want to ensure everyone’s safety before we reopen.

A public notice published by the Masjid Committee has been attached.

We request everyone to pray to Allah SWT to safeguard our Masjid and community, give us all the true understanding of this beautiful religion Islam and give us all the ability to follow complete deen with sincerity.

Management Committee

Eid ul Adha salah time

Wembley Central Masjid Management Committee wishes everyone a very happy Eid and are pleased to inform you that Saturday 10th August 2019 in Islamic calendar is the 9th of Dhul Hajjah which is the day of Arafah and Sunday 11th August 2019 in Islamic calendar is 10th of Dhul Hajjah the day we will celebrate Eid Mubarak.

InshaAllah Eid ul Adha salah times in Wembley Central Masjid are as follows

First Eid Prayer at 7am
Second Eid prayer at 8am
Third Eid Prayer at 9am
Fourth Eid Prayer at 10am

Management Trustees of Wembley Central Masjid once again wishes everyone a very happy Eid!