We recommend that Nikah is booked at least 3 weeks prior to the planned date.

To book Nikah please contact: WCM  Office: 020 8900 9673

Please download and complete the Nikah Form prior to calling to ensure your booking can take place.

How to fill out the Nikah form

    • The bride or groom must reside in London.
    • If you reside outside the London area please contact your local Masjid to arrange Nikah. WCM primarily provides Nikah services for the local Muslim community.
    • The Nikah Organisers reserve the right to refuse Nikah without reason on behalf of WCM.  Ensure you follow procedures carefully and provide accurate information
    • This pious act must be with the approval of parents and/or next of kin.

Full details of the fees are set out below on the Nikah Booking form. These can be paid on the day of the Nikah by agreement with the Imam. A full receipt will be provided for all payments made. The receipt is to be provided by the person authorised by the WCM to accept payment (either the Imam or a Trustee).

First meeting with the Imam. Whilst not compulsory, we encourage that the parties to the marriage and/or members of the respective families meet with the appointed Imam, at a mutually agreed time prior to the day of the ceremony. The purpose of this meeting is for a general discussion with the Imam, which may include the Islamic obligations pertinent to marriage and the couple’s personal circumstances. All such discussion will be carried out in confidentiality with the Imam.

Documents required. Please see the documents listed on the Booking form. We advise these are to be brought on the first meeting, or otherwise on the agreed date of the Nikah ceremony.

Upon request and subject to his availability, the Imam of the mosque can also perform Nikah ceremonies at an alternative venue (i.e. avoiding the congregational prayer times). Additional charges for his time / travel are detailed on the application form.