Further to the Public Notice issued 02nd February 2019, members of our congregation were assaulted inside the Masjid and Police had to attended. As a result of this incident we had to close the Masjid and our regular Prayers will not be conducted until “Isha Salah” Monday 04th February 2019.

Masjid will open at 19:50 hours for “Isha” prayers and access will be available from 19:50 until 10 minutes after “Isha Salah”. We will follow same practice for every “Salah” until further notice, i.e. Masjid will open 10 minutes before “Salah” times and will be closed 10 minutes after “Salah”.

We are working with police and local authorities to identify those responsible for the assault which took place on 02nd February 2019. Members of the congregation and their associates who have been involved in that disorder will not be allowed to enter the Masjid at prayer times until further notice. We really appreciate your understanding and cooperation in this matter. 

Notice (Attached)