Strict Entry Requirements during COVID-19 national restrictions

The ONS (Organization for National Statistics) figures show clearly the Muslim males have been adversely affected by COVID-19. Imperative that potential / worshippers online in order to gain permission to enter the Wembley Central Masjid. 

Q1 Why do I need to fill this registration form in?

Following a detailed risk assessment, as per the governments guidelines issues on the 29th June 2020, the number of worshippers that can use the Mosque in a safe and practical way, under social distancing rules has dramatically reduced. 

As a public place of worship we want to support the national effort to reduce the risk of spreading the disease and hence as per government guidance we want to record worshipper details, in case of an infection we would like to inform other worshipers of potential cross contamination.

In case a registered worshipper meets an infected person, we need the ability to inform others of the potential of cross infection and the increased possibility of spreading the infection to families and loved one’s of other worshipers. 

Q2. Why are only certain areas of the mosque accessible during daily Jammah (congregational) prayer?

To limit the risk of infection in our Masjid we have had to limit the access to certain areas of the mosque to the public, if more areas are open and where mixing can take place, there is an increased risk of infection. If more areas are open there is heavy responsibility to clean after every prayer, which in certain areas is impractical. Hence we are balancing access to the Masjid with maintain safety, security and hygiene. 

Q3. Will our information be shared with people outside of the Masjid?

WCM Management will treat this information as strictly confidential, adhering to GDPR regulations. However, in the unfortunate event of someone attending the WCM premises diagnosed as Covid19 positive, these details will be shared with the NHS for their Test & Trace system to warn other attendees of WCM.

Q4. Does filling in the form guarantee access to the Masjid at all time 

Registration does not guarantee automatic acceptance. Once this form is completed, the management of WCM will process it and if accepted, we will issue you with a visitor’s pass to allow you quick access to WCM premises for daily prayers.

Q5. What is the process of acceptance? 

Once this form is completed, please submit it along with your Photo ID. Senior members of the admin and management team will process the information and issue you with a temporary visitors’ pass which should allow you to access WCM’s Premises for daily prayers. You must bring this pass with you every time you wish to enter WCM premises. No pass No entry.

Please note that registering yourself does not automatically guarantee acceptance. You will be informed of the outcome via an email. The Management Committee shall have the right to accept or refuse your application without assigning reasons. 

Registration process will be stopped once we have reached the maximum number of people allowed within WCM premises at one time. 

Guidelines for entry into the Mosque will be sent to people who’s registration is accepted. Anyone NOT adhering to entry requirements or NOT following strict social distancing in the Mosque will have their visitor pass revoked and refused future entry.

No one will be allowed to enter WCM premises without a valid pass. WCM Management reserves the full right to revoke this temporary permission anytime without prior notice and ask you to leave WCM premises if they deem necessary.


    (If you are eligible for the flu vaccine, frail or condition set as high risk by NHS (e.g. chronic respiratory, heart, kidney, neurological or liver diseases, diabetes, problem with immune system, immunosuppressant drugs, any cancer or solid organ transplant)

    Temp over 37.8c, a dry cough, loss of smell or taste, cold or flu like symptoms.

    Doctors, nurses & staff working in clinical settings. Evidence shows that many of them may have COVID-19 without realising it due to increased exposure.

    We are currently not allowing children and those who are elderly as they may be more high risk.

    Toilets will be closed for public use as part of the risk assessment suggestions.

    Wudu facilities will be closed for public use as part of the risk assessment suggestions.

    Own mats need to be brought in to pray on.

    You will need to keep your shoes with you as exits are not the same as the entrance.

    You will need wear a face-mask in order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus.

    WCM Management will not be providing any chairs for offering prayers.

    WCM Staff/Volunteers will be available to direct you during your visit to Masjid to ensure smooth running of daily activities such as prayers, cleaning etc.

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